For Advisers

EnlightenESG was built with advisers for advisers.

For Advisers

EnlightenESG was built with advisers for advisers.

There can be no question that Sustainable investing is here to stay. As pressures mount from governments, regulators, corporates and the media, clients are increasingly concerned that their investment strategy aligns not only with their long term risk and return objectives, but also with their growing awareness of sustainable investment options.

Keeping pace with this evolution is a huge challenge for Financial Planners, many of whom now actively incorporate the discussion around sustainability into all their client fact finds. 

The substance around such an important discussion seem to be boiled down, oftentimes, to binary ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. The outcome is then often left to the Financial Planner to interpret and find the appropriate solution from a complex Sustainable market place which can be tricky to navigate. 

Sustainability has made it’s way from the fringes of the CIP to the top table. Despite a significant and developed history of risk profilers, there have been limited attempts to apply a systemic approach to understanding a client’s perspective on ESG and integrating this into financial advice.

When creating the profiler and designing the reporting outputs, we received input from advisers at each step of the process. From the layout and functionality of the client portal to the scoring rubric that produces clients’ scores, EnlightenESG was built with advisers in mind. To make sure that advisers get the most out of EnlightenESG, we have created an ‘Adviser Guidance Document’ that breaks down and explains the profiler’s outputs.

Key benefits for Advisers

Discussion Guide

Acts as a framework for the ESG discussion and ensures that E, S, & G are given individual attention.

Investment Selection

Helps you to match your clients’ investments with their attitudes towards ESG investing.


Allows you to assess how your clients feel about ESG-related trade-offs.

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