For Consumers

Find out what sustainability means to you.

For Consumers

Find out what sustainability means to you.

Sustainable investing is complex, and very often it is about selling products as opposed to doing what is right.

We built the EnlightenESG profiling tool, in order to personalise and identify how you feel about investing sustainably. Our aim is to help people to understand what Sustainability in investing means to them. Sustainable Investing is investing to make a difference and selecting investments that exhibit better characteristics for the environment of the world and its inhabitants. However, it is a place fraught with jargon, complexity, and risk.

EnlightenESG personalises the investment journey. We are done believing that the investment community always has in its heart a will to do what is right for each client, as opposed to sell its wares. This is important, as instead of pushing product on people that simply want to invest for a better future, we try to understand exactly how each individual thinks about sustainability. Our view on these huge issues is deeply personal, why can’t our investments be?

Using a series of questions, we map a unique profile to each user in our tool. The tool can highlight how you express your Sustainable goals, whether you are interested in a particular area of sustainability or how there may be risks associated with your decision making. This structure helps your financial adviser map you to a product that is Sustainable and Suitable. This is important, it means that there is less likelihood of unexpected outcomes.

Key benefits for Consumers


We give you a profile score that represents your overall sensitivity to ESG-related issues.


Your scores are calculated on a relative, rather than absolute, basis so you can see how your ESG attitudes compare to those of their peers.


Whether you consider yourself an expert or a rookie in the field of ESG, we hope to educate you on sustainable investing.

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