How it works

We utilise a framework of questions that are designed to identify three areas of motivation to generate a personalised EnlightenESG score.


Day-to-day, how do you incorporate Sustainability choices?


How do you feel about ‘big-picture’ Sustainability issues?

What If's

How would you feel having undertaken a Sustainable investment versus a conventional one?

These questions and your answers help us to determine your Sustainability type, and this helps the adviser map you to a suitable investment.

The process is designed to learn and adapt as the world, and people’s views change. This use of big data will mean that over time the EnlightenESG profiler gets even smarter, and we can continuously improve our tool to provide more accurate results.

What do you get?

Once you have completed the profiler – you receive a report that details your Sustainable investment profile.

We also have a series of informative articles in the Enlighten Insights section of our website that can help to educate and improve your decision-making around Sustainability. These pieces are designed to be interesting, educational, and free of bias.

Enlightened: Our Insights

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