Q2 2023: Quarterly Outlook

Outlook Snapshot Climate discourse has become increasingly personal, focusing on the responsibilities of the individual and not the collective responsibility of governments and corporates. We expect this attitude to shift, and utilise survey data to show that to the global populace, climate change remains a key issue despite the shifting political narrative. We invest across […]

Q1 2023: Quarterly Outlook

Outlook Snapshot 2022 was an incredibly tricky year for markets, and nowhere was this more prevalent than in the sustainable investment space We believe there are several key themes to watch for in Sustainable space in 2023, including the energy crisis, politicisation of ESG and regulation Sustainable investing has never been more relevant and remains […]

Q4 2022: Quarterly Outlook

Outlook Snapshot Risk profiling is the bedrock of the advice process, to ascertain a clients willingness and ability to take investment risk and recommend an appropriate investment vehicle. More recently, as sustainable investing has become key to the advice process, Pacific has developed a tool to quantify a client’s attitude to sustainability, and understand where […]

Q3 2022: Quarterly Outlook

Just when governments and central banks are grappling with the highest inflation for decades, the world has a stark reminder of its biggest challenge ahead: CLIMATE CHANGE. The global heatwave is pushing up demand for energy and the price of food making central banks’ jobs even harder. We sit here in the UK in temperatures […]

Is the transition to sustainable energy to blame for surging energy prices?

From green transition to energy security… Just when the world seemed to believe that widespread adoption of renewable energy was the only option, the war in Ukraine seems to have put this at risk. Is the transition to sustainable energy to blame for surging energy prices? We are in the midst of an energy crisis, […]

Press Release: EnlightenESG tool aims to put an end to greenwashing

Read the full article here as featured in Investment Week ESG is both a headache and an opportunity for advisers. The finance industry is uniquely positioned to affect climate change. However, knowing how to do this effectively can pose a challenge. Sustainable data providers are split on how they rate firms. For example, some give […]

2021: Has sustainable investing cemented its place on the investment landscape?

We say goodbye to 2021, a year punctuated by a continuation of the Coronavirus Pandemic, market volatility and renewed worries about inflation, but there was at least one piece of good news: sustainable investing cemented its place on the investment landscape. Whilst it is difficult to assess just how large the assets in Sustainable Investing […]

COP26 Conference

“I think today we can say with credibility that we’ve kept 1.5 (degrees Celsius) within reach. But its pulse is weak, and we will only survive if we keep our promises.” – Alok Sharma Sunday bought to a close the UN COP26 conference, and as expected the discussions over the final text of the COP […]

No Cop Out Please

The eyes of the world turn to Glasgow in the coming weeks, as the UN’s Climate Change conference COP26 starts. Previous iterations of this conference, that has been running since 1995 have been instrumental in global efforts to combat climate change. COP21 in 2015 in Paris laid the groundwork for the Paris climate agreement, whereby […]

Focusing on the E of ESG: Environmental

2020 was a year of superlatives: the fastest fall in equities from a peak on record; the largest global stimulus package; the biggest fall in UK GDP for 300 years. We hope and expect that markets will be less volatile in 2021. In this piece, we want to focus on the environmental aspect of sustainable […]